What’s in a Face?

Around 100,000 years ago, humans developed spoken language. Speech allowed people to share complex information about people, places, or abstract ideas in a highly efficient way. Spoken words aren’t the only part of communication, though. Eye gaze, body language, gestures, vocalizations, and facial expressions allow us to express emotions, adding an extra layer of non-verbal information to speech. By combining speech and non-verbal information, face-to-face social communication is the most effective way for people to share and understand each other’s thoughts and feelings.


Facial expressions are a key part of social communication, and they’re universal across all human cultures. In fact, there are six emotions that people all over the world can display and recognize: happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger.


But some people struggle to learn social communication skills, particularly individuals with autism. Many people with autism process sights, sounds, or other sensations more intensely than others. Some may feel overwhelmed by all of the sensory information they receive during a one-on-one conversation. This experience can interfere with their ability to focus on other people’s faces, which are the main sources of speech and emotional communication cues.


Research has shown that people with autism can learn more effectively when they use technology, which can stimulate their interest in and attention to a task. InnerVoice’s 3D avatars help people with autism focus on eye gaze, facial expressions, speech, and written language.


InnerVoice teaches people with autism how to communicate the old-fashioned way, using a combination of spoken language and facial expressions — but with a modern-era twist.


InnerVoice’s photo-based 3D avatars demonstrate eye gaze, facial expressions, speech movements, and tone-of-voice so that people with autism can learn from the main source of social communication: a human face. By teaching the connections shared among facial expressions, spoken, and written words, InnerVoice is the only communication app designed specifically for people with autism.


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