Matthew Guggemos

Matthew Guggemos is the co-founder and chief technology officer of iTherapy. He is also a speech-language pathologist, certified autism specialist, researcher, and a drummer. Matthew’s design ideas are guided by his professional background as a speech-language pathologist and inspired by his own research into skill mastery.

Notably, Matthew received the 2013 Mensa Intellectual Benefits to Society Award for his design contributions to InnerVoice. He was director of research on a 2015 National Science Foundation Small Business Innovative Research Grant , which provided the emotional communication technology for InnerVoice.

In May of 2018, Scientia published Matthew and Lois Brady’s work in an article called “Multi-Sensory Tools for Autism.” This article discussed the variety of concepts woven into InnerVoice as well as Matthew and Lois’s unique autism language intervention techniques.

In addition to his work with iTherapy, Matthew’s music project Drum Language examines how music and language share the unique ability to create, send, and receive complex ideas through sound alone.

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