Evidence Driven Features

universally designed easy-to-use, and engaging

InnerVoice combines facial expression, emotions, tone-of-voice, written words, and actions with speech, providing a complete multi-sensory learning experience.

evidence driven features

complete multi-sensory learning experience

family and loved ones

InnerVoice is simple and intuitive. You won’t need to read a lengthy manual or hire a specialist to get started. Within 90 seconds, InnerVoice’s interactive tutorial will help you teach communication skills to your child in your own home.

  • Uniquely designed for people with autism
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Use GIFs, Loop, Bounce, or slo-motion videos
  • Preprogrammed vocabularies help you get started right away
  • Back up and restore your settings
  • Share messages, read aloud by your avatars
  • Express emotions through faces, words and tone of voice


InnerVoice creates a unique learning environment for students with autism, taking words and social cues from the physical world and placing them in the engaging digital classrooms, the iPad and iPhone. InnerVoice’s entertaining avatars encourage students to imitate words, actions, and facial expressions, building the foundations for learning social communication skills.

  • Simple data collection
  • Back up and restore data
  • Share messages to home
  • Easy to program
  • Support language and literacy
  • Encourage keyboarding
  • Color code buttons to improve vocabulary and grammar awareness

support community

InnerVoice is transforming the way children with autism can learn social communication skills. Its interactive avatars show that faces are a key part of speech and language development, helping children with autism learn both verbal and non-verbal communication skills through engagement and play.

  • Share messages through iMessage or other social media platforms
  • Express emotions thought facial expressions
  • User preloaded vocabularies, or build your own
  • Watch the avatars create social interaction with others in the community

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